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"In the year 2200, corruption in the world has reached its peak, even police officers are involved in terrorist attacks. In Japan, Neorai Industries has successfully launched its Neo Keisatsu joint project with the government, and replaced all existing human officers into A.I powered mechas. Mass riots appeared throughout Japan by ex-officers and worried citizens, but the riots were contained efficiently and almost immediately with the merciless Neo Keisatsus. They soon proved that mechas are indeed better in handling tasks and duties than human beings, as crime rate lowers and corruption seems to fade out from Japan, they reannounced "Japan" to "Neo Japan" in the year 2202. Many still doubts the Neo Keisatsu project till this day, as machines are still machines, it can still be controlled and if fallen into the wrong hands, the outcome would be unimaginable. "

Neo Japan 2202 series by Johnson Ting

What does it say about our culture when games routinely bend or break the laws of physics and no one bats an eye? When dragons, ogres and magic are inserted into historically influenced settings without objection. We are perfectly willing to suspend our disbelief when it comes to multiple lives, superpowers, health regeneration and the ability to carry dozens of weapons and items in a massive invisible backpack. But somehow the idea of a world without sexual violence and exploitation is deemed too strange and too bizarre to be believable.

Anita Sarkeesian in her most recent episode of Tropes vs Women (x)





An art trade with Rachel of her werewolf Delilah!


Mo’Ne Davis Makes Little League World Series History In Three-Hit Shutout

The 13-year-old became the first girl to toss a complete game shutout in a Little League World Series-clinching contest Sunday thanks to a three-hit, six-strikeout effort for the Taney (Pa.) Dragons in an 8-0 victory over Newark (Del.)  At 70 mph, Davis’ pitching arm bested every boy and girl in the opposition. 

Source: Yahoo News

knock em dead girl!!!

  • Interviewer:

    What advice would you give lay persons who would

  • like to know more about mathematics—what it is,

  • what its role in our society has been and so on?

  • What should they read? How should they proceed?

  • Dr. Mirzakhani:

    This is a difficult question. I don’t think that everyone

  • should become a mathematician, but I do believe that

  • many students don’t give mathematics a real chance.

  • I did poorly in math for a couple of years in middle

  • school; I was just not interested in thinking about it.

  • I can see that without being excited mathematics can

  • look pointless and cold. The beauty of mathematics

  • only shows itself to more patient followers.




Some outfit art from the RP blog

the final outfit was picked out by Coldwindscutclean for a prompt u v u




Gigantic Announce Trailer

Motiga announced their first game today, and I’m pretty psyched! I’m not really into MOBAs, but I’m going to have to try this one. Mostly because it’s gorgeous, and partly because the twist they’ve put in actually makes it look interesting to me.

Pretty terrible gifs, but eh. EHH. I don’t care. Fun.

Visit Gigantic's website to read more about the game and sign up for the alpha!

These character designs are FANTASTIC!

Ever since the Super Monday Night Combat player base died I’ve been looking forward to another 3rd person action MOBA.

But ignoring gameplay for a second…



gaming posters - edward julian moran II



This vodka looks like a fucking galaxy bye.